Ulrich and Bernd - Createc GmbH

Our knowledge is your success

As experts with years of experience in the food industry, we take on the growing global challenges and support you as a partner. We are continuously researching new customer independent solutions and see our core task in the development of customer-specific concepts.

Whether you would like to expand your product portfolio or reduce your product and process costs...We have the ideas!

We analyze your company's processes in order to develop the best possible solutions for your needs. Through this approach, we transfer our experience and gain long-term partnerships to enable more efficient collaboration for rapid new developments.

Our products are manufactured by our certified partner companies using state-of-the-art processing methods according to our specifications. This unique approach combines the strengths of the companies and thus creates great added value for our customers.

Quality procedures in Createc CT FOOD


The primary goal of our actions is the production of consistently high-quality goods. To this end, we continuously select and check our raw materials and products with our certified partner companies. This is reflected in our IFS Broker QM system. We make sure that all of our production partners as well as our laboratory and our logistics partners are certified companies.

Research and development in Createc GmbH

Research & Development

The cooperation with our partner companies results in a broad spectrum of knowledge which we incorporate into our research and development work. The knowledge gained can be tested in the technical center and developed to market maturity. We also hold special customer seminars in the technical center, where the customers can try out the processes themselves and thus internalise them. This ensures the transfer of knowledge to our seminar participants and at the same time, emerging ideas from the participants can be implemented.